The Story, The Project



Some pictures that were posted on the MySpace group's page.

If this is your first visit, then you may be asking yourself, “What is this website?”

In early 2007, I was bored one day and wasting time on MySpace. I had clicked on one person, and then another, and so on. Eventually, I came across a very attractive girl in her twenties. Intrigued, I began to look at her page and noticed something interesting; she was a member of a MySpace group called “I Hate Trey.”

I clicked on the link to this group since I was curious to see what it was. Even though my name is Trey, I know they aren’t talking about me.

The group had been on MySpace for about a year, and over 70 members had joined so far. I then went to look at the group’s 20+¬†photos, which consisted of different people holding signs proclaiming their hate for Trey. I know they can’t be talking about me since I do not recognize anyone in this group.

As I looked closer at one photograph taken at a movie theater, I noticed that the location was printed on the window. The picture was actually taken within a 2 mile radius of where I live. Could they be talking about me?? No, I’m still pretty sure they’re not.

Then I saw one last picture of a sign that had the initial of Trey’s last name on it. Oddly enough, my last name starts with the same letter! They can’t be talking about me… are they?? There could be a chance they are talking about me, but I know they’re not. I then sent the link for this group’s webpage to my friend, and he found it rather amusing.

A few weeks later, I went back to the group’s webpage and saw the group had gained about 10 new members. I then noticed the group had a few member posts, so I decided to read the posts for fun. One member had a comment saying he was going to build a website for the group, and I rolled my eyes. As I laid in bed that night trying to fall asleep, an idea occurred to me.



More pictures from MySpace. Click to enlarge.

If someone was going to build a website devoted to hating some guy named Trey, then I could build a website for the opposite. Why not?

I told several of my friends about my idea, and they thought it was hilarious (in a good way). After some time had passed, I decided to begin my project. The theory behind my idea: instead of spreading hate, people should spread love; there is already too much hate and negativity in the world.

My project is to design a website and see how many people will submit a picture of themself holding a sign with a positive message about Trey. How far will my project spread via word-of-mouth? Will more than 10 strangers submit a picture? More than 100? Will a famous celebrity submit a picture? My goal is to see how far this idea will go. Even though there may be some clues on this website, I am not currently planning to reveal myself since this project is not really about ME.

I would like to thank (in alphebetical order) Andie, Derek, Shely, and Will for helping me to get the website started, and everyone in the future who will participate with this project.

Update: During 2008, the “I Hate Trey” group was removed by MySpace. I am guessing there was a clean-up project after seeing several news stories involving bullying on social networking websites. I really don’t care what happened to the group’s MySpace page, but it seems love won over hate.