Hacking Electronic Road Signs

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CNN recently reported on electronic road signs being hacked. Even though I did not agree with the racist messages that appeared on some of the signs in the news video, some of the other signs that were shown were rather funny. During a long stressful drive to work in the morning, it might be nice to have a quick laugh.

I have no plans to hack into a road sign, but I did find the instructions on how to do it. I also found a video showing some funny messages that have been displayed in the past.

Watch the video of hacked road signs:

Watch the news report from CNN:


American Idol – Season Finale

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Last night, Lee was announced the winner of this year’s “American Idol.” I felt Crystal outperformed Lee on Tuesday night, but Lee does have a more-commercial sound that could heard on modern rock and hit radio stations. I’m a fan of both singers and I have a strong feeling they will have successful careers.

A majority of the show included tributes to Simon Cowell, since he is leaving “American Idol.” Some of the highlights from last night’s finale include a group performance with Alice Cooper, Bret Michaels singing after his recent health problems, Crystal singing with Alanis Morissette, Lee and Crystal singing together with Joe Cocker, and Janet Jackson performing. The strangest moments of the finale included Dane Cook’s tribute to Simon being interrupted by a former contestant, and General Larry Plats singing his “Pants On The Ground” song with William Hung. Thankfully, there wasn’t a fake award ceremony this year.

Top 12 with Alice Cooper

Casey with Bret Michaels

Crystal with Alanis Morissette

Lee and Crystal with Joe Cocker

General Larry Platt and William Hung

Simon with previous winners

Watch the announcement of the winner and Lee sing “Beautiful Day”:


American Idol Performances – Top 2

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Last night was the “American Idol” showdown that I had been wanting to see for about six weeks, Lee versus Crystal. The beginning of the show started off strange; not only did the camera capture Crystal dropping her microphone as the final two contestants walked through the audience, but the viewers watched as she turned around and started over after someone gave her the signal to begin walking again. Round one started off slow for both, with Crystal barely winning in my opinion.

After the second and third rounds last night, I have to confirm my original prediction that Crystal will win Season 9.

I have been a fan of Lee since the Top 12 performance show, and felt he was becoming the dark horse in this year’s competition; Lee has been growing, gaining confidence, and performing like he wants to win. Unfortunately, Lee seemed nervous last night and it showed; even though he sounded good during rounds 2 and 3, I felt Lee didn’t come to win. On the opposite side, Crystal has been losing touch with herself the past few weeks and not living up to her expectations; last night, she was back and she was on fire during the last two rounds. Her final song to close the show was “the moment” every artist waits to have on the stage; she waited until the very last song of the competition to have her moment.

Watch Crystal sing “Black Velvet”:

Watch Crystal sing “Up To The Mountain”:

Watch Lee sing “Everybody Hurts”:

Watch Lee sing “Beautiful Day”:


The Little Drummer Boy

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A friend recently sent me a video of a four year boy playing the drums. His name is Howard Wong, and he appears to be a drum prodigy.

The popular video shows Howard playing the drums to Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself For Loving You” in a shopping center. Is he smiling at his family filming him, or is he a true rocker smiling at the groupies in the crowd? My favorite part is at the 2:06 mark when he hits the sticks together with perfect timing.

After a little research, I found several other videos showing off Howard’s skills when he was younger. He went from playing “Old McDonald Had A Farm” when he was 18 months old to playing on stage with a father’s band when he was three years old. What is next for Howard when he turns five years old?

Watch Howard playing the drums at age 4:

Watch Howard playing the drums when he was 3 years old:

Watch Howard playing the drums when he was 23 months old:

Watch Howard playing the drums when he was 18 months old:


Minivan With Swagger

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In the midst of recalls and car issues, Toyota has produced a series of funny viral videos for their Sienna. The idea behind the videos is to suggest that families can still have swagger while driving a minivan.

Watch the Swagger Waggon rap video:

Meet the parents of the Sienna family:

Watch the dad make it rain:

Watch the mom have a yard sale:

Watch the mom use the backup camera to spy:


American Idol Performances – Top 3

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Last night were the performances by the final three contestants. Each contestant sang one song of their choice and one song selected by the judges. I felt Lee came prepared to win as he outperformed the competition. Lee’s first song was Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man,” which reminded me of Shinedown’s cover version. Lee did an amazing job performing “Halleluja,” a perfect song selected by Simon. I thought Crystal was the second best performer last night; she showed off her vocal range during her second song, which was an excellent performance of Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed.”

Watch Lee sing “Simple Man”:

Watch Lee sing “Hallelujah”:

Watch Crystal sing “Maybe I’m Amazed”:


American Idol Performances – Top 4

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Last night were the performances for cinema week. The four remaining contestants each sang a song individually and also performed a duet. Even though the two duets were excellent, the four individual songs weren’t as good as they should have been. With so many great songs to select from, Crystal shocked everyone by selecting “I’m Alright” from the movie Caddyshack; I thought Crystal’s risky version of the Kenny Loggins song stood out as the best individual performance from last night.

Watch Crystal sing “I’m Alright”:

Watch Crystal and Lee sing “Falling Slowly” together:

Watch Casey and Michael sing “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” together:


Classic Mother’s Day Video

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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. To celebrate, I thought I would share a popular video that a frient sent to me several years ago.

Two brothers, Tucker and Brad, want to take a photo as a gift for their mom. What happens when one brother doesn’t want to cooperate? They both end up acting like brothers.

Watch the funny video:

Happy Mother’s Day!


Darth Vader Is New GPS Voice

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The next time you’re lost and need directions, who is the one voice that is trustworthy? Who is the one voice people will follow in fear of being choked? Darth Vader.

Fans of Star Wars with a TomTom GPS device can now have Lord Vader’s voice command them to their destination.

For those not wanting to be guided by the dark side, the voices of C-3P0, Yoda, and Han Solo will also be available this summer. More information, including samples, can be found at TomTom’s website.

Watch the hilarious promotional video of Darth Vader in the recording studio:


Nine Inch Nails May Not Be Dead

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A short video was released last week by How To Destroy Angels, a new band that was put together by Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig. Three more videos were released several days ago to give a new glimpse at Trent and Mariqueen’s new project. Also, Atticus Ross has been announced as the third member.

Some fans may consider Mariqueen to be the Yoko Ono of Nine Inch Nails, with a comparison being made to how The Beatles broke up. How To Destroy Angels set up a discussion board on Facebook allowing fans to ask questions, in which members of HTDA may answer. For Nine Inch Nails fans, the following response I found by Trent Reznor to a question on Facebook appears to be good news:

Eliot Jenkins TR: it’s obvious that you’ve wanted to put nine inch nails on hold for a while and try some other things. so, for you, how is this different from nine inch nails (besides the obvious: a different vocalist, a more collaborative work, etc.)? what do you feel you can do now with this band that you couldn’t do with nine inch nails?

Trent Reznor: As stated above, this EP is a very early phase of this project. Yes, it sounds more NIN-ish than I believe it will as we progress. To me, HTDA frees me from some of the constraints I’ve begun to feel (primarily emotionally) in NIN.
NIN is not dead and I am about to work on some material that I believe will be quite different than previous NIN very soon.

Watch the three newest HTDA video clips that were released:


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