The Little Drummer Boy

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A friend recently sent me a video of a four year boy playing the drums. His name is Howard Wong, and he appears to be a drum prodigy.

The popular video shows Howard playing the drums to Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself For Loving You” in a shopping center. Is he smiling at his family filming him, or is he a true rocker smiling at the groupies in the crowd? My favorite part is at the 2:06 mark when he hits the sticks together with perfect timing.

After a little research, I found several other videos showing off Howard’s skills when he was younger. He went from playing “Old McDonald Had A Farm” when he was 18 months old to playing on stage with a father’s band when he was three years old. What is next for Howard when he turns five years old?

Watch Howard playing the drums at age 4:

Watch Howard playing the drums when he was 3 years old:

Watch Howard playing the drums when he was 23 months old:

Watch Howard playing the drums when he was 18 months old:


Nine Inch Nails May Not Be Dead

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A short video was released last week by How To Destroy Angels, a new band that was put together by Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig. Three more videos were released several days ago to give a new glimpse at Trent and Mariqueen’s new project. Also, Atticus Ross has been announced as the third member.

Some fans may consider Mariqueen to be the Yoko Ono of Nine Inch Nails, with a comparison being made to how The Beatles broke up. How To Destroy Angels set up a discussion board on Facebook allowing fans to ask questions, in which members of HTDA may answer. For Nine Inch Nails fans, the following response I found by Trent Reznor to a question on Facebook appears to be good news:

Eliot Jenkins TR: it’s obvious that you’ve wanted to put nine inch nails on hold for a while and try some other things. so, for you, how is this different from nine inch nails (besides the obvious: a different vocalist, a more collaborative work, etc.)? what do you feel you can do now with this band that you couldn’t do with nine inch nails?

Trent Reznor: As stated above, this EP is a very early phase of this project. Yes, it sounds more NIN-ish than I believe it will as we progress. To me, HTDA frees me from some of the constraints I’ve begun to feel (primarily emotionally) in NIN.
NIN is not dead and I am about to work on some material that I believe will be quite different than previous NIN very soon.

Watch the three newest HTDA video clips that were released:


First Song By How To Destroy Angels

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How To Destroy Angels has released their first song, which is called “A Drowning.” The song consists of Trent Reznor’s wife, Mariqueen Maandig, singing over an electronic background track that sounds very similar to Nine Inch Nails. I was skeptical of the HTDA project before listening to their first track, but Mariqueen’s soft and soothing voice brings out the emotional depth of the song’s lyrics and leaves me wanting to hear more.

The new single is available for download at HTDA’s EP with six songs will be released sometime this summer.

Click here to listen to the full seven minute version of “A Drowning.”


Trent Reznor’s New Project

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After Nine Inch Nails played their final concert last year, Trent Reznor started a new project with his new wife Mariqueen Maandig. The two have formed a group called How To Destroy Angels, which is supposed to feature Mariqueen on vocals. With the exception of a short video clip, very little information has been released about the new group.

Watch HTDA’s short video:


Nine Inch Nails Is Said And Done

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As many fans know, Nine Inch Nails played their final concert on September 10, 2009. Fortunately, the entire final performance will soon be available to all of the group’s fans for free.

The concert was filmed in high definition by over 26 fans from around the world, and then the footage was edited together and mixed in 5.1 surround sound. The finished product, called “After All Is Said And Done,” was created entirely by Nine Inch Nails fans spending their own time and money.

A Tiny Little Dot will be offering their video project as a free Internet download, keeping in tradition with previous music releases from Nine Inch Nails. “After All Is Said And Done” can also be pre-ordered in DVD and Blu-Ray formats from their website; the DVD and Blu-Ray versions will be limited to a one-time pressing and sold at a not-for-profit price (currently estimated at $10 each).

As a huge fan, I already submitted my pre-order for both DVD and Blu-Ray versions. More information about the video and production team can be found at A Tiny Little Dot’s website.

Watch the trailer, also called “The Unveiling”:


Rare Nine Inch Nails Album Available For Free

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For all Nine Inch Nails fans that missed out last year, “Strobe Light” is once again available as a free online download for a limited time. This very rare and sought after album was produced by Timbaland and includes tracks featuring Jay-Z, Bono, Justin Timberlake, Fergie, Alicia Keys, and several other artists. To download a copy, click here.

Strobe Light


Battle Of The Instant Bands

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This past Friday night on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” eight audience members were divided into two groups to write and perform a song as a band. Meeting for the first time, the impromptu bands were given about twenty minutes to prepare. Oddly enough, the two songs that were created actually did not sound too bad. The first song, called “Amnesia,” could become an Internet sensation similar to “Pants On The Ground.” The second song, called “Doin’ It Late Night,” was a combination of comedy and a nice hook.

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 2:


American Idol Spawns A New Hit Song

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What happens if you wear oversized pants without a belt? Your pants will fall down.

General Larry Platt wrote a song about the popular trend. Even though Platt was too old to compete in the singing contest, the 62 year old musician was allowed to appear on “American Idol” this season to sing “Pants On The Ground.” Instantly, the song about looking like a fool became a hit.

“Pants On The Ground” has been remixed by several different artists and uploaded to YouTube. Jimmy Fallon performed the song as Neil Young. Jimmy Fallon performed the song with American Idol judge Randy Jackson. After defeating the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs, Brett Farve celebrated with a “Pants On The Ground” chant. Who’s next?

Watch General Larry Platt’s audition

Watch Jimmy Fallon, as Neil Young, singing the song:

Watch Randy Jackson, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots perform the popular song:

Watch Brett Farve sing in the locker room:

Watch the Larry Platts and D-Pryde remix by NHBFilms:


Goodbye To The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien

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The final episode of “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” aired last night. With a chance to bad-mouth NBC during his final comments, Conan remained extremely classy and humble. After Conan thanked the fans for their support, he joined Will Ferrell, ZZ Top, Beck, and Ben Harper for a final musical performance.

After “The Tonight Show” ended, “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” began with a short tribute to Conan.

Watch some of the memories during the past 7 months:

Watch Conan’s final comments, as he thanked the fans for their support:

Watch Will Ferrell sing Lynryd Skynyrd’s “Freebird” as Conan plays the guitar:

Watch Jimmy Fallon and The Roots say bye to Conan:


Time Lapse Video Of Giant U2 Stage

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If you have not seen footage of the stage being used for U2′s 360 Tour, it is massive. Since it takes several days to put the stage together, there is more than one to keep the tour moving smoothly from city to city.

Here is a time lapse video of the incredible stage being put together:


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