The Jimmy Fallon Dip

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There was a contest awhile back on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” in which fans were asked to create a dance for the television show. Even though Alton Hood’s dance, The Jimmy Fallon Dip, did not win, he remixed the song and put together a music video for YouTube.

Earlier this week, Alton Hood and The First Family were on the television show to teach Jimmy Fallon their dance.

Watch the original video submitted for the Jimmy Fallon Dance Challenge:

Watch the Jimmy Fallon Dip’s official music video:

Watch Alton Hood and The First Family with Jimmy Fallon:


The Easter Bunny Is Broke

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Today is Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, it appears the Easter Bunny has been hit pretty hard during the harsh recession. I found the following video of the Easter Bunny dancing in the streets and begging for money.

Enjoy your holiday!!


The First Week Of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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I was able to watch most of Jimmy Fallon’s star-studded first week as the new host of “Late Night” last week.

Even though quite a few critics have given Jimmy Fallon negative reviews, I found the show to be refreshing and fun. Along with having The Roots as the show’s house band (yes, they will be on every night), the show is a nice mixture of games, comedy skits, and guest interviews in a party-like atmosphere. My only complaint about the show is the backdrop behind the desk; I really like cityscapes on talk show sets, but the water makes me feel like the show is being filmed on a boat.

It is obviously hard to judge and critique a talk show within the first week. For the critics who doubt Fallon’s ability to host a talk show, give him some time. Conan O’Brien was terrible during his first year after replacing David Letterman, and look where Conan is now.

On March 2, the first show began with Conan O’Brien cleaning out his desk:

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz have a dance-off:

Watch some highlights from the entire first week:


The First Dance

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It was a moving moment last night watching the new President dancing with his wife for the first time since being inaugurated. Beyonce sang an amazing version of “At Last,” a classic song made famous by Etta James. The version performed by Beyonce can be found on the soundtrack Cadillac Records.