Darth Vader Is New GPS Voice

May 7, 2010 by  
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The next time you’re lost and need directions, who is the one voice that is trustworthy? Who is the one voice people will follow in fear of being choked? Darth Vader.

Fans of Star Wars with a TomTom GPS device can now have Lord Vader’s voice command them to their destination.

For those not wanting to be guided by the dark side, the voices of C-3P0, Yoda, and Han Solo will also be available this summer. More information, including samples, can be found at TomTom’s website.

Watch the hilarious promotional video of Darth Vader in the recording studio:



2 Responses to “Darth Vader Is New GPS Voice”
  1. Mr. Seo says:

    freakin hilarious!

  2. Christian Louboutin says:

    I bookmarked your site after seeing this video. really awesome stuff!!!

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