American Idol – Season Finale

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Last night, Lee was announced the winner of this year’s “American Idol.” I felt Crystal outperformed Lee on Tuesday night, but Lee does have a more-commercial sound that could heard on modern rock and hit radio stations. I’m a fan of both singers and I have a strong feeling they will have successful careers.

A majority of the show included tributes to Simon Cowell, since he is leaving “American Idol.” Some of the highlights from last night’s finale include a group performance with Alice Cooper, Bret Michaels singing after his recent health problems, Crystal singing with Alanis Morissette, Lee and Crystal singing together with Joe Cocker, and Janet Jackson performing. The strangest moments of the finale included Dane Cook’s tribute to Simon being interrupted by a former contestant, and General Larry Plats singing his “Pants On The Ground” song with William Hung. Thankfully, there wasn’t a fake award ceremony this year.

Top 12 with Alice Cooper

Casey with Bret Michaels

Crystal with Alanis Morissette

Lee and Crystal with Joe Cocker

General Larry Platt and William Hung

Simon with previous winners

Watch the announcement of the winner and Lee sing “Beautiful Day”:


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