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Last night was the “American Idol” showdown that I had been wanting to see for about six weeks, Lee versus Crystal. The beginning of the show started off strange; not only did the camera capture Crystal dropping her microphone as the final two contestants walked through the audience, but the viewers watched as she turned around and started over after someone gave her the signal to begin walking again. Round one started off slow for both, with Crystal barely winning in my opinion.

After the second and third rounds last night, I have to confirm my original prediction that Crystal will win Season 9.

I have been a fan of Lee since the Top 12 performance show, and felt he was becoming the dark horse in this year’s competition; Lee has been growing, gaining confidence, and performing like he wants to win. Unfortunately, Lee seemed nervous last night and it showed; even though he sounded good during rounds 2 and 3, I felt Lee didn’t come to win. On the opposite side, Crystal has been losing touch with herself the past few weeks and not living up to her expectations; last night, she was back and she was on fire during the last two rounds. Her final song to close the show was “the moment” every artist waits to have on the stage; she waited until the very last song of the competition to have her moment.

Watch Crystal sing “Black Velvet”:

Watch Crystal sing “Up To The Mountain”:

Watch Lee sing “Everybody Hurts”:

Watch Lee sing “Beautiful Day”:


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