Kimbo Slice Enters The UFC

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Tonight’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter” on Spike TV will feature Kimbo Slice’s first fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Octagon.

Kimbo Slice, the Internet sensation known for fighting in backyards for money, was recently offered a chance to fight in the UFC by going through the reality television show. Will Kimbo make it to the finale and win the six-figure contract? Probably not. Will Kimbo use his on the television show to improve his skills? Yes. Kimbo already has a large fan base, and it will continue to grow as people watch him on the show; the UFC easily could have portrayed Kimbo in a negative way on the show, but they haven’t. Win or lose, he will continue to be in the UFC and help make the company money.

Kimbo was on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” earlier this week to promote tonight’s “The Ultimate Fighter.” In several funny moments, Kimbo teaches Jimmy how to fight and is also part of a comedy skit.

Watch Kimbo’s interview with Jimmy Fallon:

Watch Kimbo train Jimmy on how to fight:

Watch the commercial for Kimbo’s side business, the Slice Brothers Breakaway Furniture Store:


This Movie Looks Scary

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I have seen quite a few horror movies that are not scary. “Paranormal Activity” looks scary.

Similar to “The Blair Witch Project,” “Paranormal Activity” is a documentary-style low-budget horror movie. The film has gained a lot of interest thanks to its interesting movie trailer; the trailer is different in that it shows moviegoers watching the film at an early screening, jumping and screaming.

“Paranormal Activity” is currently scheduled to be shown only in select cities. People interested in seeing the film about a haunted house can fill out this form to demand that the movie receive a wider release.

Watch the movie trailer:


Taylor Swift Shares Her View Of The Kanye West Incident

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Taylor Swift was a guest on “The View” recently. With a good sense of humor, Taylor talked about the incident from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards; she relives the entire experience in a step-by-step replay from winning the Best Female Video award to Kanye West taking away her microphone.

Watch Taylor Swift describe her side of the story:


2009 MTV Video Music Awards

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The 2009 Video Music Awards aired on MTV last night. I still question why MTV has an award show for music videos since the network rarely plays videos; the last time I saw a music video on MTV, it was a short clip being played on a split screen during the credits of a reality show.

Out of the three most memorable moments from last night’s show, two involved Talyor Swift. Kanye West lost a lot of respect after he rudely interrupted Taylor’s first-ever VMA acceptance speech. On the opposite end, Beyonce gained more respect after allowing Taylor to finally have her moment. The show began with a touching speech from Madonna and a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Madonna gives a beautiful tribute to the late Michael Jackson:

In the Uncool Moment of the show, Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video:

In the Classiest Moment of the show, Beyonce wins Video Of The Year and gives her acceptance moment to Taylor Swift:


America’s Got Talent – Season Finale

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Earlier tonight was this season’s finale for “America’s Got Talent.” Of the remaining acts who competed in the finale, I thought Recycled Percussion would win since they are more of a typical Las Vegas stage act.

Kevin Skinner, the unemployed chicken catcher and very talented Country singer, was announced the winner. I always enjoyed watching Kevin Skinner perform, and I can agree with everyone who voted for him. Not only does Kevin sing with passion, but he can make the audience feel the emotions that each song is about.

Watch Kevin Skinner’s amazing audition at the beginning of the season:

Watch Kevin Skinner’s moving performance from last week:

Watch Recycled Percussion’s performance from last night:

Watch Recycled Percussion’s performance from Week 10: