New Michael Jackson Video

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One of my friends sent me a short video earlier today. I can not confirm the information, but my friend claims this video is a Pepsi commercial from Brazil.

The moving video is a combination of a younger Michael Jackson and an older Michael Jackson.

Watch the video:


The Jimmy Fallon Dip

August 15, 2009 by  
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There was a contest awhile back on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” in which fans were asked to create a dance for the television show. Even though Alton Hood’s dance, The Jimmy Fallon Dip, did not win, he remixed the song and put together a music video for YouTube.

Earlier this week, Alton Hood and The First Family were on the television show to teach Jimmy Fallon their dance.

Watch the original video submitted for the Jimmy Fallon Dance Challenge:

Watch the Jimmy Fallon Dip’s official music video:

Watch Alton Hood and The First Family with Jimmy Fallon:


Woodstock Is Forty

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WoodstockAugust 15 will mark the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. I’ve watched several documentaries recently about the three day music festival and have heard quite a few interesting stories about the event.

There is a great story from The NY Daily News about the couple on the cover of the “Woodstock” album; Nick and Bobbi Ercoline attended the concert together in 1969, and they married each other two years later. Yes, they are still married.

Sirius XM satellite radio subscribers can listen to The Woodstock Channel starting August 14th. Sirius channel 16 and XM channel 40 will air music, interviews, and stories until August 16. The Woodstock Channel will play music and performances by the artists in the exact order they appeared at the festival.

The movie “Taking Woodstock” will be in theaters on August 28; this movie is a comedy about the music festival.

Here is the movie trailer: