Tiffani Thiessen Is Too Busy For SBTB Reunion

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Jimmy Fallon is currently in the process of putting together a “Saved By The Bell” reunion. In a hilarious segment on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” Mark-Paul Gosselaar brought back Zack Morris and announced his confirmation for the reunion.

Tiffani Thiessen (formerly known as Tiffani Amber Thiessen) recently put together a video to explain why she will not participate in the reunion. Apparently, the actress who played Kelly Kapowski is too busy.

Here is Tiffani’s video:


America’s Got Guitars, Tap, And A Second Chance

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The auditions for this season’s “America’s Got Talent” are almost over. Two auditions have already caught my eye, and I will add three more this week.

Tallan Noble Latz, a 9 year old boy, showed off his skills as a guitarist; I thought it would have been great if Sharon Osbourne had offered Tallan a job with her husband Ozzy. Tallan may not win the talent competition, but he has the potential to be the next Joe Satriani.

Matt and Anthony, the duo without a name, were original and entertaining to watch. The act, performed by college roommates, consisted of Matt playing the guitar and singing while Anthony tap danced to the beat.

After listening to Kari Callen’s background story and performance, I will describe her as America’s version of Susan Boyle. Kari’s previous audition was for a cruise ship, and she apparently wasn’t given a chance to sing due to how she looked.

Finally, Mia Boostrom retuns a year later to perform for the judges again. Even though I do not remember her audition from last year, I thought Mia sounded great this season.

I am curious to see how these acts will do in the next round.

Here is Tallan Noble Latz’s audition:

Here is Matt and Anthony’s audition:

Here is Kari Callen’s audition:

Here is Mia Boostrom’s audition:


Paul McCartney Returns To The Ed Sullivan Theater

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Forty-five years ago, The Beatles made their legendary appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Paul McCartney returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater yesterday to be on “The Late Show With David Letterman.”

After a two segment interview with David Letterman, which included memories of The Beatles and Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney performed a five song mini-concert on top of the theater’s marquee.

Watch the interview with David Letterman – Part 1:

Watch the interview with David Letterman – Part 2:

Watch Paul McCartney sing “Coming Up”:

Watch Paul McCartney sing “Band On The Run”:

Watch Paul McCartney sing “Let Me Roll It”:

Watch Paul McCartney sing “Helter Skelter”:

Watch Paul McCartney sing “Back In The USSR”:


UFC 100

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The year was 1995. I was at a former girlfriend’s house one evening watching television, and her dad entered the room to give me a videotape. He knew I enjoyed professional wrestling, so he thought I might like what he recorded for me on the tape. He explained that he was changing the channel on the previous night and came across a pay-per-view channel that was not scrambled. It was no-holds-barred cage fighting called the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I had heard about it once, so I was already curious. I put the videotape into their VCR and pressed the “play” button; the picture was slightly fuzzy at times, but I didn’t care.

I felt like I was watching something illegal, taking place from the underground. Each match consisted of two men of different sizes, fighting in a cage with basically no rules. I didn’t understand it completely, and kept wondering if it was real. It was real, and I continued to watch.

Even though I would hear of the UFC a few times since I watched the videotape, I never saw another UFC match until 2005. Rules had been added to the sport since my first viewing, along with weightclasses; it was much different, but better. I watched the entire first season of “The Ultimate Fighter” on Spike TV, and was one of the infamous people calling his friends during the finale to tell them to watch the amazing fight between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar.

Last night was the huge 100th major event of the UFC. I started watching the event one minute before Dan Henderson’s awesome knockout, as Michael Bisping hit the ground unconscience to only receive one more punch as Henderson dove on top. Georges St-Pierre defended his Welterweight Championship by dominating Thiago Alves for five full rounds, the last two rounds with an injured groin. In the main event, former WWE Champion and current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesner destroyed Frank Mir to retain the title; Lesner seemed cautious this second time with Mir by staying on the ground and holding Mir down the entire time.

I have been a fan of “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesner since his WWE debut in 2002. His actions and comments after the match angered many fans, but I found his apology at the press conference to be acceptable even though his antics didn’t bother me. If at the very least, Lesner did set himself up with many MMA fans now wanting to pay money to see if someone can beat him.

Can someone beat Brock Lesner? The man is a monster in the Octagon, with quick moves that someone his size typically does not possess. Top ranked fighter Fedor Emelianenko and former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley are the only two fighters I can think of that would be worth seeing against Lesner; unfortunately, they are both currently under contract with other promotions.

Bootleg videos of Dan Henderson’s knockout and Brock Lesner’s comments can be found online by searching, and the videos of the post fight press conference can be seen at the UFC website.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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The interesting picture of President Obama, shown below, was taken at the G8 Summit. It appears that Barack Obama and the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, are both looking at a young lady’s butt as she walks by. Is Bill Clinton’s behavior rubbing off on America’s new president?

The picture was taken from the perfect angle at the perfect time, which is hard to do to capture what appears to be a funny moment in time. Was Barack Obama really looking at the girl’s booty? Fortunately for Obama, there was a video camera that captured the entire incident.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video can tell the entire story. I’ll let you make the final decision after seeing the video below.


America’s Got Music And Magic

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Before the new season of “America’s Got Talent” started this summer, I had no intentions of writing about it. While watching the first few episodes, I still had no plans to write about it. I changed my mind after I saw a 17 year old girl named Bri sing the Jonas Brothers’ hit “Burnin’ Up” last night.

Bri, a high school student who turned to music at an early age because of a stuttering problem, reminded me of a beautiful mixture between Alanis Morrissette and Nora Jones as she stripped the pop song down to only a keyboard and raw emotional vocals. Knowing who she is as an artist, Bri made the song her own to show off her unique style. While listening to her sing the first few notes, I could feel goosebumps. I felt her version of the song was better than the original. My message to all record company executives: SIGN HER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! (Before sending me a message, I know that there are rules in place for the show and the producers will probably own the rights to her for a long time).

Close friends have told me that I should either work for a record company (talent scout and producer) or as a radio program director. Bri made me wish that I owed my own record label.

Aside from having a passion for music, I have always enjoyed the art of magic since I saw my first magic show back when I was in the first grade. Even though I know many of the “secrets” since I own a large trunk full of tricks and illusions, I like watching magicians perform their craft.

I really enjoyed watching Jay Mattioli perform about a week ago. His first illusion was original, and he even threw in a moonwalk during his second illusion.

The one thing I like most about the television show is that any type of talent category can compete. I can already predict that Jay will not be the “America’s Got Talent” winner this season. Since all of the auditions have not been shown yet, I can not predict Bri’s future on the show other than she will easily make it past the first round in Las Vegas.

Here is Bri’s audition:

Here is Jay Mattioli’s audition: