New Music For The Summer

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Today is Music Monday, and I have been waiting for five days to share some new music.

The company I work for once had an internal newsletter in 2005 and 2006, and I was in charge of writing the music section. Since I receive advanced copies of songs before they are released for purchase, I would create a list of my top picks that I felt the readers should listen for; I also wrote reviews of newly released CD’s.

Due to a lack of time, I will give you less talk and more music. In the audio player below, there are 13 samples of songs that I feel will be strong this summer. Since and iTunes only give a short sample that is typically not much help in deciding if the song should be purchased, I have created longer samples that range between 30 seconds to a minute long. If you like any of the song samples, then buy the songs and play them at your barbeque or party in confidence; they are all Trey-recommended.

 1. “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift
 2. “Jump” by Flo Rida featuring Nelly Furtado
 3. “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull
 4. “Use Somebody” by Kings Of Leon
 5. “On My Way” by Billy Boy On Poison
 6. “Patron Tequila” by Paradiso Girls featuring Lil’ Jon
 7. “Crazy Possessive” by Kaci Battaglia
 8. “She Ain’t Got…” by LeToya
 9. “Wanted” by Jessie James
10. “Now I’m That Bitch” by Livvi Franc
11. “Jars” by Chevelle
12. “Whiskey Hangover” by Godsmack
13. “Booty Dew” by GS Boyz

Press the arrow buttons to skip back/forward between the song samples.

Of these, “Jump” is my personal favorite; Nelly Furtado’s vocals along with the beats will keep any party or nightclub dance floor moving this summer. Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” gets bonus points since it samples the melody from the great dance hit “Push The Feeling On” by The Nightcrawlers. “Patron Tequila” will also be a hot party song this season. Even though “Use Somebody” and “Crazy Possessive” have already been out for awhile, I still feel both songs will continue to be popular during the summer (and some of my readers may not have heard them yet).


Remembering Michael Jackson

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His life may have included controversy, legal trouble, and money problems, but Michael Jackson will always be an icon. He redefined the music industry in more ways than I could discuss.

How big was the death of Michael Jackson? Since his passing on Thursday afternoon, Michael has been the main news story. At the same time on Friday night, I counted seven cable news networks discussing his death and one major network airing a tribute show. Today is Sunday, and Michael is still the focus of all news programs.

In one way or another, I feel Michael has impacted everyone’s life. Whether you tried to dance like him once or enjoyed listening to one of his songs, he will always be a part of pop culture throughout the world.

When I was a small child, one thing I wanted was a sequence glove. I remember hearing a rumor in elementary school that a certain retail store was selling the infamous glove; when I called the store to find out if the rumor was true, the employee on the phone thought I was crazy. My wonderful mom eventually made me a glove.

I can still remember watching Michael dance during the 1984 Grammy Awards, throwing his hat and doing the moonwalk across the stage. I was in awe watching him glide across the stage. To me, this is the night Michael became the King Of Pop. By the way, “Thriller” won a Grammy for Album Of the Year that night.

I did not have cable television while growing up, so I could only watch MTV at my neighbor’s house. Fortunately, NBC had an hour and a half show called “Friday Night Videos” that would air after “The Tonight Show” each week. I remember staying up hoping to see videos by Michael Jackson and Madonna. “Beat It” was the first music video to air on the television show’s debut, and the “Thriller” music video was shown for the first time in the world on “Friday Night Videos.”

I can remember drinking a Pepsi, because Michael did in a commercial.

I remember putting together a small fireworks show for my family on July 4, 1985 at my grandparents’ lakehouse, and trying to set my show to music with my tape recorder. My show had to end with the song “We Are The World.”

I remember one of my two favorite whammies on the game show “Press Your Luck” was the Michael Jackson whammy; my other favorite was the breakdancing whammy.

I remember learning to breakdance. When teaching myself how to moonwalk, my childhood friend David helped me perfect the move by showing me how to push off correctly with each step.

I remember being at a record convention in 1994 and finding an original 45 of the single “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” for $5. This song is a must-own for any DJ.

In one of my posts from January, I ranked Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl halftime show as the third best, ever.

If you have any memories you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Michael, thank you for the wonderful music and memories.

Watch Michael Jackson perform “Billie Jean” at the 1984 Grammy Awards:

Watch the whammies from “Press Your Luck” (sorry about the quality):


The Loss Of Three Legends

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Ed McMahon 1923-2009

Ed McMahon passed away on June 23. He was best known as the announcer and sidekick for Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show.” Ed’s comedic timing and chemistry with Johnny has always made him a talk show legend in my mind.

Ed co-hosted telethons, blooper shows, and was the face of Publishers Clearing House. He was also the host of “Star Search,” which was a popular television show that paved the way for talent shows such as “American Idol,” “Last Comic Standing,” “So You Think You Can Dance?,” and “America’s Next Top Model.” Contestants on “Star Search” performed in front of several judges while competing in an entertainment category such as vocalist, comedy, dance, and spokesmodel.

Here is a short video tribute from “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” for Ed McMahon:


Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009

Farrah Fawcett passed away on June 25. I feel she was most famous for her role in the television show “Charlie’s Angels.” Farrah left the popular show after the first season, but she did return for several guest appearances. Farrah will be known as a model and an actress in both television and movies.

The one memory I have of Farrah is when my uncle gave me her poster when I was a small boy. After my family and I went to visit my aunt and uncle for the day, I remember we were in the car about to leave. My uncle told us to wait for a minute and he ran inside. He returned a minute later and handed me a rolled-up poster of Farrah; he had a sly grin and let out an evil laugh toward my parents as if to say he has corrupted me.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25. Michael is beyond legendary status in the music industry, and I will have to write a separate article soon.


Perez Hilton Is Not A Victim

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I was listening to a radio station this morning as the hosts were discussing a recent altercation that took place between gossip writer Perez Hilton and from the music group Black Eyed Peas. The audio from Perez’s video blog was being played, and he kept calling himself a victim.

For those who are not aware of what happened, the short story is confronted Perez at a nightclub; Perez insulted with a derogatory remark, and then Perez was apparently assaulted by’s road manager.

First, I want to say upfront that I have only been to Perez’s website once; I was curious to see what his website looked like about a month ago since I have heard his name mentioned numerous times on television lately. Originally, I thought Perez was a guy who typed on a computer at a coffee shop, commenting on the celebrities standing in line. As I glanced at a few of his posts, I quickly became tired of seeing him refer to himself as “we,” “our,” and “us” instead of “I,” “my” and “me” in his writings. A majority of his gossip and news were mainly insults directed at the celebrities he was writing about, not gossip and news. The insults continued as quite a few celebrity pictures posted on his website had drawings of a certain male body part and/or words.

Second, I want to say that I will always defend the freedom of speech. Whether I agree or disagree with what is being said, the freedom of speech is one of the things that makes the United States of America the greatest country in the world.

Third, I want to say that I do not condone violence, especially unprovoked. Please note that when I use the term violence, I am referring to the the type that can be considered a crime (such as assault with or without a weapon).

With that said, every action has a reaction; a negative action could have a negative consequence. For example, if I went to a busy street corner and started calling people the “N” word or “F” word, there will obviously be a reaction. Of the many reactions possible in this scenario, three come to my mind immediately: people will ignore me for being ignorant; people will attempt to have a civil conversation with me and tell me to stop; people will physically hurt me. Whether I deserve to be physically harmed for my action is in the eye of the beholder; even though I do not condone the violent reaction, I must understand that it is still likely to happen before I begin my verbal attack. Since I am not innocent in this scenario, I would have no right to call myself a victim.

If I used my website to insult one hundred people (celebrity or not), I must understand that all one hundred people (not including the additional readers) will each have a reaction. Increasing the number of people I insult only increases the chance of a terrible reaction.

Finally, Perez, a publicly-known gay man, said in his video blog that he used the “F” word as an attempt to verbally hurt Even though I am straight, I feel his remark actually hurt and insulted the gay community more than it did


Triumph Visits Bonnaroo

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog recently made his first appearance on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.”

Triumph was at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this month, which is an annual four day event in Tennessee. Triumph visited with attendees and interviewed various musicians. Max Weinberg, the drummer for Conan O’Brien and Bruce Springsteen, makes a special (and strange) appearance.

I admit that the video isn’t Triumph’s funniest, but most of it is entertaining.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Zack Morris Returns To Television

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar was scheduled to appear on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last night. In a classic move, Zack Morris from “Saved By The Bell” showed up instead. Gosselaar was in full character playing Zack Morris, or was Zack playing Mark-Paul Gosselaar?

Not only did Zack look younger than he did during his college years, he discussed his marriage to Kelly and even referenced the show’s first season taking place in Indiana (John F. Kennedy Junior High School) before changing locations to California (Bayside High School) for the revamped second season. I admit that I was always a big fan of “Saved By The Bell” and could probably win a trivia contest; how many people remember that A.C. Slater’s full name is Albert Clifford Slater?

For those other fans of “Saved By The Bell,” here is the funniest segment I have seen so far on Jimmy Fallon’s new talk show:


Big Announcements From Rock Band And Guitar Hero

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Today’s Music Monday post will be about two things I enjoy, music and video games.

I admit that I own all three major gaming systems, but I have never played Rock Band or Guitar Hero. This may change soon.

It was recently announced that The Beatles’ version of Rock Band will be released this year on September 9. Not only does the game include classic venues, such as the Ed Sullivan Theater and Shea Stadium, but it comes packaged with replicas of the band’s instruments. The announcement is considered big news, especially considering how select the surviving band members seem to have been lately when it comes to using their music and name in the new digital world. More information, including the video game trailer and videos from E3, can be found on the game’s official website.

Guitar Hero, Rock Band’s competition, will be releasing a new game featuring Van Halen. From the limited information that has been leaked online, the game will consist of Van Halen’s greatest hits and appearances by several guest bands. Michael Anthony, Van Halen’s original bass player, has been replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang (in the game and in real life); this strange move doesn’t surprise me as I have heard several stories, whether they be true or not, about how Eddie has mistreated Michael Anthony over the years. Also, the game will not include Sammy Hagar; I can not argue that the Sammy Hagar era of Van Halen had some great songs, but to me, Van Halen is David Lee Roth.

On a similar note, Sammy Hagar and Micahel Anthony have recently formed a new supergroup called Chickenfoot; their new band also includes guitarist Joe Satriani and the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s former drummer Chad Smith.

Watch the Guitar Hero bootleg video from E3:

Watch Chickenfoot’s performance on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” from this past Friday night:


The Tonight Show Set Looks Familiar

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First, I want to say that I have been watching “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” every night this week. I find the show to be funny and entertaining, and I feel Conan is doing great so far. Unlike Jay Leno, Conan reminds me of the great Johnny Carson in many ways; I hope Conan will have the same longevity as host that Johnny had.

Moving on, I came across something interesting this afternoon. Someone with too much spare time feels that the design of Conan O’Brien’s new set on “The Tonight Show” was taken from the video game Super Mario Brothers.

Obviously, the background on the talk show’s set was not patterned after the video game. The example picture contains many different scenes from the Nintendo game cut up into pieces and spliced together so it will match the shapes in the set’s background; This method could be done with any video game, but Super Mario Brothers was a great choice.

The video game theory behind the set’s odd design was very creative.


The First Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien

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Last night, Conan O’Brien made his debut as the new host of “The Tonight Show.” As a fan of “Late Night With Conan O’Brien,” I was relieved to see that Conan kept his word about not “growing up” and toning down his sense of humor. It was also nice to find out that Conan’s “Late Night” staff, including his house band with Max Weinberg, moved to California. Also, Andy Richter is once again reunited with Conan as the show’s new announcer.

Watch the entire first episode with guests Will Ferrell and Pearl Jam

Here is the opening video that played at the beginning of the first show: