The Legacy Of Jay Leno

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Last night was Jay Leno’s final show as host of “The Tonight Show.” In September, Jay will host a new talk show in prime time on NBC.

Watch the entire final episode with guests Conan O’Brien and James Taylor

To close the show, Jay discusses the legacy he will leave behind him:


American Idol – Season Finale

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Last night, it was announced that Kris won this year’s “American Idol.” It doesn’t look like Kris was expecting to win based on his reaction.

Watch the recap of the Season Finale

Some other highlights of the show included David Cook singing an emotional song after his brother recently passed away, Kara DioGuardi winning the war against her arch-nemesis (aka Bikini Girl), Adam singing with KISS, and Queen performing with Kris and Adam. After watching the performance by Queen, I am thinking Adam would fit in perfectly as their lead singer (if they need one in the future).

David Cook

Adam with KISS

Kara’s surprise

Kara and Bikini Girl

Adam and Kris after singing with Queen


American Idol Performances – Top 2

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Last night was the showdown between the final two “American Idol” contestants. In the first round, Kris outsang Adam when he performed “Ain’t No Sunshine” for the second time this season. In the second round, Adam was back on top when he sang Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.” In the third round, I felt Kris didn’t put in much effort and sounded flat when he sang Kara’s original song; even though the song may have been too high for him, Kris had the opportunity to make changes to the arrangement and key to make it work. Kara’s song wasn’t much better when Adam sang it, but I feel Adam did the better job overall (and was the most consistent and original contestant during the entire season).

Watch Adam sing “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Watch Kris sing “Ain’t No Sunshine”


Getting Ready For American Idol Finale

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Tonight is the “American Idol” finale. To compare how far the top two contestants have come, I found their original auditions.

Here is Adam’s original audition:

Here is Kris’ original audition (mixed in with some others):


American Idol Performances – Top 3

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Last night were the performances by the remaining top three contestants. Adam stood out as the one to beat, but I feel his best performance was when he sang U2′s “One.” The second best performance of the night was when Kris sang an acoustic version of “Heartless.”

Watch Adam sing “One”

Watch Kris sing “Heartless”


White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner took place this weekend. The yearly event can be viewed as a roast, in which jokes are made toward the President, and then he is allowed to show off his sense of humor and try to make everyone laugh. The headliner for this year’s dinner was comedian Wanda Sykes; she may have pushed the boundaries with a few of her jokes.

Here is Barack Obama’s stand-up routine:

Here is Wanda Sykes’ stand-up routine:


American Idol Performances – Top 4

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Last night were the performances for Rock week. Adam dominated the competition with a beyond-amazing rendition of a Led Zeppelin classic. It was unfortunate for the other three contestants since Adam sang first.

“American Idol” introduced duets last night. Danny and Kris sang the first duet; they sounded great singing together in harmony, but the solo parts were lacking. Adam and Allison sang the second duet; both sounded great as they kept pushing each other to perform better.

Watch Adam sing “Whole Lotta Love”

Watch Adam and Allison sing “Slow Ride”

Watch Danny and Kris sing “Renegade”