American Idol Performances – Top 5

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Last night were the performances for Rat Pack week. With only five contestants left, I thought four did an outstanding job last night.

Matt sang “My Funny Valentine” (a song I have always liked), but he did not leave a memorable impression. When I think of this song, I am always reminded of Constantine Maroulis’ excellent performance during Season 4.

Watch Adam sing “Feeling Good”

Watch Allison sing “Someone To Watch Over Me”

Watch Danny sing “Come Rain Or Shine”

Watch Kris sing “The Way You Look Tonight”

Here is Constantine Maroulis’ performance from Season 4:


American Idol Performances – Another Top 7

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Last night were the performances for Disco week. The four best performances this week showed originality, as the songs were rearranged. Kris took a Donna Summer classic and made it modern with a risky acoustic performance. Adam completely changed up the hit “If I Can’t Have You” by making it an emotional ballad. I also liked Allison’s performance, especially the beginning; I think she should have sang more of the verses the same way she did the beginning. After being “saved” last week by the judges, Matt redeemed himself last night with his version of a Bee Gees’ classic.

Looking at my previous posts, I have noticed that Adam and Allison have stood out the most to me so far.

Watch Adam sing “If I Can’t Have You”

Watch Allison sing “Hot Stuff”

Watch Kris sing “She Works Hard For The Money”

Watch Matt sing “Stayin’ Alive”


American Idol Performances – Top 7

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Last night were the performances for Cinema week. I thought Anoop did an excellent job, followed closely by Allison. My third favorite performance was by the energetic Adam.

Watch Adam sing “Born To Be Wild”

Watch Allison sing “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

Watch Anoop sing “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”


The Easter Bunny Is Broke

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Today is Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, it appears the Easter Bunny has been hit pretty hard during the harsh recession. I found the following video of the Easter Bunny dancing in the streets and begging for money.

Enjoy your holiday!!


American Idol Performances – Top 8

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Last night were the performances for Year Of Birth week. Adam’s amazing voice received a standing ovation from Simon as the show ran out of time. My other two favorite performances were by Allison and Anoop, both also deserving of an ovation.

Watch Adam sing
“Mad World”

Watch Allison sing “I Can’t
Make You Love Me”

Watch Anoop sing
“True Colors”


Wrestlemania 25 Weekend

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While visiting my grandparents one weekend in 1984, my dad pointed out professional wrestling on television. While glancing at the television, I saw a cute girl in the audience and kept watching to see if the camera would her again; when the World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) show ended, I was hooked on sports entertainment. I started watching WCCW and WWE (known as WWF during that time).

Twenty-five years later, the largest annual wrestling event came to Houston, TX.

This past Friday, a friend and I went to the Fan Axxess event; we had fun, especially watching some attendees who were dressed up in full costume. I was at the very first Fan Axxess event held by the WWE, which took place in Houston before Wrestlemania X7 (17). The Fan Axxess event eight years later was much bigger, but I felt the first one had a better memorabillia section that included several destroyed automobiles.

Saturday evening, I attented the Hall Of Fame ceremony. I found it interesting that the introductions and speaches shown on television two hours later were edited and shortened.

Sunday afternoon, I took my brother-in-law to the big event. I had bought tickets during the pre-sell several months ago, but I noticed new ringside tickets were released by Ticketmaster one morning last week. Even though the tickets were rather expensive ($750 each), I couldn’t pass up the 6th row seats. Oh, and we were allowed to keep our chairs! Before the show began, we went to see how far away my original tickets were, and we both agreed that I had made the right move in buying the new tickets.

The big show in front of 72,744 people included a Kid Rock mini-concert, an appearance by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and an amazing match between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker that lasted over thirty minutes.

Here are some of the pictures I took from this past weekend:

[nggallery id=4]

Here are 2 short videos I took with my camera at the beginning of the show:


American Idol Performances – Top 9

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Last night were the performances for Top Downloads week. My favorite performance belonged to Kris. Scott has been off and on the past few weeks, but he finally sang a song that fits his style. I also thought Danny sounded great, and I enjoyed the way Adam rearranged another classic.

Watch Adam sing “Play That Funky Music”

Watch Danny sing “What Hurts The Most”

Watch Kris sing “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Watch Scott sing “Just The Way You Are”