American Idol Contestants Lip-Sync Their Performances

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Before the contestants on “American Idol” find out who is safe and who is going home, they all have to perform a song together with a choreographed dance routine. These group performances during the “American Idol” results show each week is one of the most annoying segments, at least to me. While watching these group performances, I usually spend my time trying to figure out if the songs are lip-synched.

“American Idol” viewers no longer have to wonder if the group performances are lip-synched. As you can read in this full story by Gil Kaufman, a spokesperson for the show recently stated that “due to extensive choreography and to balance their voices with open mics against a screaming audience, the Idols do sing along to their own prerecorded vocal track during the group performances only.”

I personally feel these group performances, whether lip-synched or performed live, should be removed from the show. The extra time could allow the guest musician for the week to perform an additional song.

Whenever I watch an “American Idol” group performance, I am reminded of the time the kids on “The Brady Bunch” entered “The Pete Sterne Amateur Hour” television contest in an attempt to win a $100 prize. Here is the video of the Brady kids performing as The Silver Platters:

True fans of “The Brady Bunch” will remember that the Brady children sang “It’s a Sunshine Day” when they auditioned for the amateur contest:


American Idol Performances – Top 10

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Last night were the performances for Motown week. My favorite performance belonged to Adam. After completely changing his look for the night (which reminded me of the night when Carrie Underwood changed her look to perform “Alone” by Heart), he uses his voice to move the audience. Did I previously mention that one of my friends thinks Adam looks like Elvis?

My other favorite performances were by Allison and Matt. Allison once again left me questioning her age, and Matt reminded me of Justin Timberlake.

Watch Adam sing “The Tracks
Of My Tears”

Watch Allison sing “Papa Was
A Rolling Stone”

Watch Matt sing
“Let’s Get It On”

Here is Carrie Underwood’s brilliant performance from Season 4, followed by a bold prediction from Simon (which comes true):


American Idol Performances – Top 11

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Last night were the performances for Grand Ole Opry week. Anoop showed off his soft side with a great performance, and Megan seems to have found her niche with singing country music.

One of the most interesting performances belonged to Adam. Country music isn’t Adam’s style, so he thought outside the box and rearranged the song to make it fit in a different genre. Some of the judges seemed confused to hear a country song not being performed as a country song.

Watch Adam sing
“Ring Of Fire”

Watch Anoop sing “You Are
Always On My Mind”

Watch Megan sing
“Walkin’ After Midnight”


American Idol Performances – Top 13

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Last night were the performances for Michael Jackson week. To me, two contestants stood out; Adam performed like a veteran on stage, and Allison left me finding it hard to believe that she is only 16 years old.

My third favorite performance was Alexis; she was referred to as “naughty,” but I think Alexis should have sang the verse in a sexy whisper to bring out more naughtiness.

Watch Adam sing
“Black And White”

Watch Alexis sing
“Dirty Diana”

Watch Allison sing
“Give In To Me”


The First Week Of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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I was able to watch most of Jimmy Fallon’s star-studded first week as the new host of “Late Night” last week.

Even though quite a few critics have given Jimmy Fallon negative reviews, I found the show to be refreshing and fun. Along with having The Roots as the show’s house band (yes, they will be on every night), the show is a nice mixture of games, comedy skits, and guest interviews in a party-like atmosphere. My only complaint about the show is the backdrop behind the desk; I really like cityscapes on talk show sets, but the water makes me feel like the show is being filmed on a boat.

It is obviously hard to judge and critique a talk show within the first week. For the critics who doubt Fallon’s ability to host a talk show, give him some time. Conan O’Brien was terrible during his first year after replacing David Letterman, and look where Conan is now.

On March 2, the first show began with Conan O’Brien cleaning out his desk:

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz have a dance-off:

Watch some highlights from the entire first week:


American Idol Starts Tomorrow

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The main competition will begin tomorrow for the top 13 “American Idol” contestants. Since I enjoy watchng the show, I have decided to add my favorite performances to my blog each week. For this season, I will keep it simple; there will not be many critiques of each performance. Basically, I will post links to three or four of my favorite performances each week.

After watching the top 36 contestants drop down to the top 13, I am thinking Adam Lambert will be the one to keep an eye on. One of my friends thinks Adam slightly resembles Elvis Presley.

Watch Adam sing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”


American Idol – Season 8 Auditions

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We’re two days away from Season 8′s top 13 performances. To get ready for the big show, I thought I would write about the auditions.

While watching the auditions in the past, I have always been able to pick out several contestants that will make it beyond the top 10. For this season, I was wrong. My first prediction was Emily Wynne-Hughes; when I heard Emily sing “Barracuda,” I thought she would be a top front-runner this year.

My next incorrect prediction was Stevie Wright. Maybe I based too much of this prediction on the legendary singer she was named after.

Joanna Pacitti was disqualified after she made it into the top 36. In my opinion, Joanna never should have been allowed to become a contestant since she has had two recording contracts in the past. Even though the rules state that the contestants can not have a “current” recording contract, the show is based on finding the best undiscovered talent; Joanna was already discovered twice by the recording industry, and failed. Apparently, Joanna was disqualified for having close relationships with two 19 Entertainment executives.

I think the most popular audition involves the attractive Katrina Darrell, also known as “Bikini Girl.” I had predicted Katrina would not make it past the first round, but I was wrong about that too.

Finally, one of the more inspirational auditions belongs to Scott MacIntyre. Obviously, Scott is very talented and has made it into the top 13 this season.


U2 Performs On The Late Show With David Letterman

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For the past five nights, U2 has been the guest musical act on “The Late Show With David Letterman.” Throughout the week, the viewers of the show have been treated to hearing new music along with some old favorites. To help promote their new CD, U2 ended the week by performing the first single from No Line On the Horizon titled “Get On Your Boots.”

After buying No Line On the Horizon this past Tuesday when it was released, I suggest that all U2 fans check it out. The band has been known to change up their sound when recording a new album, and this one is no different. Even though some songs have a classic U2 feel, I think a few songs may have received a slight influence from Kings Of Leon; the two bands toured together in 2005.

Watch U2′s performance on “The Late Show With David Letterman” last night:


Top 10 List By U2

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The rock band U2 is on “The Late Show With David Letterman” every night this week.

Last night, all four members of the band participated in reading a top ten list. One of the funniest parts was when The Edge strayed away from the script and said his own joke.

Top 10 Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years:


Getting Ready For Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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Tomorrow night will be the debut of Jimmy Fallon as the new host of “Late Night” on NBC. I am not sure how the former “Saturday Night Live” actor will do as a talk show host, but I am interested to see what happens.

To get ready for the first big show, here is Jimmy Fallon discussing his new job with Conan O’Brien a few weeks ago: