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In early 2007, I was bored one day and wasting time on MySpace. Eventually, I came across a page belonging to a very attractive girl. While looking at her page, I noticed something interesting; she was a member of a MySpace group called "I Hate Trey." I clicked on the link to this group since I was curious to see what it was. ... [Read More]

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Hacking Electronic Road Signs Hacking Electronic Road Signs

CNN recently reported on electronic road signs being hacked. Even though I did not agree with the racist messages that appeared on some of the signs in the news video, some of the other signs that were shown were rather funny. During a long stressful drive to work in the morning, it might be nice to have a quick laugh. I... [Read More]

American Idol – Season Finale American Idol – Season Finale

Last night, Lee was announced the winner of this year’s “American Idol.” I felt Crystal outperformed Lee on Tuesday night, but Lee does have a more-commercial sound that could heard on modern rock and hit radio stations. I’m a fan of both singers and I have a strong feeling they will have successful... [Read More]

American Idol Performances – Top 2 American Idol Performances – Top 2

Last night was the “American Idol” showdown that I had been wanting to see for about six weeks, Lee versus Crystal. The beginning of the show started off strange; not only did the camera capture Crystal dropping her microphone as the final two contestants walked through the audience, but the viewers watched as... [Read More]

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